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This Cookie Policy (referred to as "Policy" for short); It covers the website at, which is managed by Türkter Tersane ve Deniz İşletmeciliği A.Ş., and contains explanations regarding the use of cookies.

1.1. What is Cookie?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on a visitor's device (e.g., computer or phone) when a website is visited and can contain data in name-value format. The text files in question can be understood by the browsers and servers that can access them, and in this way, various information can be obtained about the device on which the visit to the website was made and therefore the user concerned. Today, almost every site uses cookies.

1.2. What are cookies used for?
Cookies are used for many different destinations. Cookies are mostly referenced for the following purposes:

  • Proper operation of the website (for example, displaying content such as text, photos, links within the site in the right places)
  • Providing a more personalized and engaging experience for visitors (e.g. providing tailor-made services to your preferences)
  • Improving and optimizing the website (for example, making pages with errors or not preferred work)
  • Remembering visitors' preferences (e.g. information you enter when logging into our website, language preference and other preferences)

1.3. What are the Types of Cookies?

Cookie Type Explanation
Cookies by Validity Periods
Session Cookies Refers to temporary cookies that are kept on your devices until you leave the website.
Persistent Cookies There are cookies of the type that remain on your device's hard drive for long periods of time and their usage period may vary from a few days to several years.
Cookies by Functionality
Mandatory Cookies Cookies that are obligatory to be used in order for the website to function properly and for users to benefit from the services and navigation features offered on the site.
Functionality Cookies Cookies used to remember your preferences. By nature, such cookies may contain your personal data. For example, if you want to use Cookies that record your language preference on our site are functional cookies.
Analytical Cookies Cookies that are used for purposes such as effective use of the website, optimizing the site to respond to user requests and contain data about how visitors use the site.
Targeting / Advertising Cookies Cookies used to customize ads served to users.

1.4. Where can I find more detailed information about cookies?
The content of cookie texts is often only for engineers to process, and visitors who wish to receive information about cookies in a more detailed and understandable language are advised to visit or (English).


2.1. Who Sends Cookies within the Scope of The Use of Our Website?

  • 1. 1. By Türkter Shipyard ve Marine Management Inc. and/or,
  • 2. 2. If some content, such as video or photos, is provided on the page visited, it is sent by third parties and through communication between the browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) and servers on your device during your browsing.

2.2. How Do We Use The Information We Receive From Your Device?

  • The navigation and usage preferences you make during your visit to our website,
  • Information and results regarding the survey or evaluation you have answered on our website and
  • It helps remember information about your preferences.
In addition, we use articles, news and other tabs on our website for statistical purposes by anonymizing click frequency and usage data for visited pages during your visits.

Technical cookies are processed on the basis of the legal reason "the processing of personal data belonging to the parties to the contract is necessary" (KVKK article 5/2.c.) provided that our website is "directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract" in order to be offered to you in a working manner. Othercookies are processed on the basis of legal reasons "it is mandatory to process data for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the person concerned" (article 5/2.f of the KVKK) and theavailability of your consents to your cookie preferences (article 5/1) on how to manage it under this Policy.

Cookies are not used for the purposes set out in this Policy and are not processed in violation of data protection legislation.

2.3. How Do I Check Cookies?
You do not have to accept cookies in order to use our website, but in this case the quality of your user experience may decrease. You can delete cookies or set your internet browser to block cookies, but in this case some services on our website may not work as they should. In particular, technical cookies enable our website to perform its basic functions. Since technical cookies have established the technical operation of our website, if you turn them off, it may be possible that some functions of our website will not function properly.

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